Youth Conformed


Young people today are the future of Christianity and the future of America! Satan understands this, that's why he works so intensely against young people today trying to lead them astray with lies, deceptions, and sin. Sure, there are many young people today who are falling into the clutches of Satan and yielding to sin; we try to help every one of them we can. However, there are also many young people today are looking, longing and craving for the truth that can only be found in Jesus Christ! Youth Conformed is geared towards these young people as we encourage them to conform their lives to the image of Jesus Christ, not the wicked world around them. It is our desire that every young person find the joy and blessing that comes from yielding their life to Christ! The young people in our Youth Conformed ministry enjoy monthly activities and youth meetings, attending youth revivals and serving the Lord together in the ministries at VBC. Go ahead young person, dare to be different from the world around you! Decide to be a young person who is conformed to the image of Jesus Christ!

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